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Acer's excellent 27-inch gaming monitor is $100 off ahead of Prime Day

prime day monitor deal
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The first wave of Prime Day deals is here and that means it's an excellent time to buy a new gaming monitor. If you have a gaming PC with an Nvidia card that's optimized for 1080p output, the Acer Predator XB271H is worth a look. It delivers vibrant colors and fluid frame rates, and usually costs $499. 

However, you can currently get the Acer Predator 27-inch 1080p Gaming Monitor on sale for $395.43. That's $104 off and the cheapest it's ever been. 

Acer XB270H: was $499 now $395 @ Amazon
The Acer XB271H is a 1080p gaming monitor with a robust color palette and a 144 Hz refresh rate. That means you’ll be able to run games with frame rates well in excess of 100 frames per second. At 27 inches, it should fit on most desks, and you can even orient it vertically. While the device usually costs $499, it’s available for $395 at Amazon right now.View Deal

The Acer XB271H is arguably one of the best gaming monitors, if you have a gaming PC with an Nvidia card that’s optimized for 1080p output. In our review of the very similar Acer B270H, we pointed out how this 27-inch gaming monitor features fantastic colors, a bright screen and an adjustable configuration. If you want to purchase this device as a second screen, you can orient it vertically for easier document access. You can also tilt the screen back and forward, and run wires easily around its sleek base.

The big draw of the monitor is in its G-Sync functionality, which ensures smooth frame rates for PCs equipped with Nvidia graphics cards. Still, if you have an AMD graphics card, the monitor still works fine, making this a decent choice for anyone who has an older or less-powerful gaming rig without a high-quality monitor to call its own.

The XB271H isn’t perfect, of course. It doesn’t have many extra features and modes, relying instead on a somewhat clunky interface to adjust a variety of picture options. On the other hand, it has many USB ports, allowing you easy passthrough for peripheral wires that you don’t want to consign to the back of your PC. You can also connect the device via either DisplayPort or HDMI, giving you some flexibility in how you connect

At $499, the Acer XB271H is pretty expensive for a 1080p monitor, but its $395 sale price makes the purchase a lot more palatable. Pick this one up while you can, as it looks like Amazon’s stock is fairly limited, and it’s impossible to say how long the deal will last. 

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