How to make your bed the Scandinavian Sleep Method way — a complete bedding guide

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The Scandinavian Sleep Method has grown in popularity among bed-sharing couples thanks to its low cost and easy set-up. All the method requires is two blankets or duvets (comforters in the US) — one for you and one for your partner — to help you strike a balance between co-sleeping and establishing your own sleep space. 

However, having two blankets or duvets can make your bed look a little messy and cluttered, plus it's hard to know how to style and layer your bedding if you're used to making a bed with one big duvet, comforter or blanket.

As you likely already have most of the things you need for the Scandinavian Sleep Method, from the best mattress for your body type to comfy pillows, all you need is a couple more essential items and some Nordic bedding know-how. Here, we'll break down how to make your bed the Scandinavian Sleep Method way, and the things you need to do so. 

What is the Scandinavian Sleep Method?

The Scandinavian Sleep Method is a simple: couples ditch the one big shared blanket or duvet (or comforter in the US; doonas in Australia) for two individual duvets. That means you get your ideal duvet (tog and materials) all to yourself.

"This is great if you sleep hot but your partner feels the cold easily and sleeps better when burrowed under mounds of heavy blankets," explains Claire Davies, Certified Sleep Coach and Sleep Editor at Tom's Guide. "The Scandinavian Sleep Method is also great if you like lots of personal space in bed, but still want to bedshare."


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How to make your bed the Scandi Sleep Method way: Bedding guide

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The beauty of this method is its accessibility. You keep sharing your bed, mattress and sheets, but the only thing that changes is your duvet and comforter. Here's what you'll need to make your bed the Scandinavian Sleep Method way:

  • Mattress (or split king mattress)
  • Mattress topper (optional)
  • Pillows 
  • Throw/decorative pillows 
  • Mattress protector 
  • Sheet 
  • Two twin XL or twin/single duvets/comforters
  • Two twin XL or twin/single duvets/comforters covers (matching or complimentary)
  • A throw blanket, quilt, or bed spread (optional)

Step 1: Select your ground sheets

To start, place a mattress protector and ground sheet (fitted sheet) over your mattress (and mattress topper if you have one). You won't need a top sheet for this method — in, fact it may hinder the effect. You can also place your sleep pillows on the bed now if you want to, but leave any decorative pillows until last. 

Step 2: Dress your duvets (comforters)

Next, take your twin or twin XL duvets or comforters and and dress them in matching or complimentary covers. While you can mix-and-match with your covers for a quirky look, your bed will look much neater if your duvet covers match.

Take the first duvet and lay it out on the bed (as a Twin XL duvet is half of a king-size mattress, it shouldn't take up too much room). Then take the left-hand corners and shift them over to the right. You're duvet should now look like a thin, long rectangle. Style it so that the folded duvet is on one side of the bed. Repeat for the second duvet.

Step 3: Add pillows and a bedspread

Your folded duvets should now be lying side by side on the bed. Next, add your bed pillows if you haven't already, and add any decorative throw pillows to the bed for a more polished look. (If you're looking to invest in new pillows, our best pillow guide has this year's top-rated options.)

After that, you're done! A lot of followers of the Scandinavian Sleep Method like to throw a blanket, quilt, or bed spread over or at the bottom of their bed to make it look more put-together, but this is completely optional. 

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When it's bedtime, simply take off any throw pillows and bed spreads, then unfold your own individual duvets — now you both have your own hygienic and custom sleeping space. Some couples like to tuck the outside of their duvets into the edges of the bed to keep them in place, but don't bother if you feel like this could be too restrictive for you. 

How to make your bed the Scandinavian Sleep Method Way: TikToks to watch

If you want more inspiration and ideas on how to style your bed the Nordic way, here's how some TikTokers are making their beds the Scandinavian Sleep Method way:


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