How to find your number on Android

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Once you know how to find your number on Android, never again will you give that new friend-to-be the wrong number by accident. If you've just treated yourself to a new phone or switched network, it's easy to forget your number. Before learning how to check my own number, I could only remember by writing it out with a pen and paper, and that’s not exactly convenient. 

Regardless of which of the best Android phones you have, it’s easy to keep in touch once you know how to find your number on Android. And if the person you’re swapping numbers with doesn’t know theirs, you can show them how below.

Exactly how you find your number on Android can vary depending on which Android OS you're using. We've tested this method on Samsung and Google devices, as well as on a OnePlus device, and have covered those below.

How to find your number on Android: Samsung and Google devices

1. Open Settings and tap About phone.

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2. Look under Phone number to see your number.

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How to find your number on Android: OnePlus

1. Open Settings app and tap Mobile network

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2. Look under each SIM. Your number will be displayed for each SIM card you have inserted. 

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There you go! Now make sure to remember it or perhaps add yourself as a contact — then you can message yourself reminders!

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