How to download Instagram

how to download instagram
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Still futzing around with Facebook? Finding your temper tantrum rising with Twitter? For a less irritating online experience, you should take your social networking act to Instagram, the photo-focused site that's just an easy download away.

Instagram's available on a number of mobile platforms and there's a browser-based interface, too, so downloading Instagram is a snap. And once you've got the Instagram app installed on your iPhone or Android device, you can scroll through pictures shared by friends and the famous alike — not to mention posting your own Instagram stories and photos.

Here's how to download Instagram to your mobile device along with tips for making the most of this Facebook-owned photo-sharing site.

Where to download Instagram

If you're on a Mac or Windows machine, the best way to experience Instagram is to head to the social networking service's website at For a more optimized experience, though, you'll want to grab one of the different versions of Instagram for your particular phone or tablet.

That's easy enough to do, as you'll find a downloadable version of Instagram in most popular mobile app stores.

What you can do with Instagram

Instagram got started off as a way to share photos — usually modified with filters — with your friends and followers. And while that remains a major reason to visit Instagram, if you think that's all the social networking site provides, you haven't visited Instagram lately.

For example, Instagram Stories let you share multiple photos and videos in a continuous slideshow. In Snapchat-like fashion, Instagram stories disappear after 24 hours. And in true Instagram fashion, there are plenty of font, color, music and sticker adjustments you can make to put your own individual stamp on a story. We've got eight tips for Instagram Stories if you're looking to explore this particular feature.

Shared online experiences have become quite a trend with social networking sites, and Instagram isn't about to be left out of the mix. Instagram Co-watching is a chat feature that lets you join your friends to view posts together over voice and video calls. Here's how to use Instagram Co-watching to connect with your friends over Instagram.

In addition to these features, Instagram offers private message, the ability to watch long-form videos from creators and even shopping capabilities. You can check out all the various things you can do with Instagram at the social networking service's site. It's worth a visit since Instagram seems to be constantly adding new tools and capabilities.

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