What to watch in June 2024 — ‘The Boys,’ ‘House of the Dragon,’ ‘The Bear’ and more

The Boys, House of the Dragon and The Bear
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Summer streaming is sizzling with hot new shows and movies to watch in June 2024 on Netflix, Max, Prime Video and other major streaming services, as well as broadcast and cable TV. 

We're highlighting the biggest, buzziest new shows and movies premiering this month. They include some highly-anticipated returning favorites, including "House of the Dragon" season 2, "The Boys" season 4 and "The Bear" season 3. And from a galaxy far, far away, "Star Wars: The Acolyte" makes its debut. On the movies side, Richard Linklater's "Hit Man" is sure to live up to its title and be a hit.

Here's our guide on what to watch in June 2024. And be sure to check out our dedicated roundups of what's new on Netflix, what's new on Prime Video and what's new on Disney Plus

‘Star Wars: The Acolyte’ (Disney Plus)

Reenter the galaxy far, far away in an era yet to hit the silver screen in “Star Wars: The Acolyte.” Set to take the Disney-led product in a whole new direction with a story that leans heavily on the Dark Side of the force, “The Acolyte” will bring viewers into the High Republic Era focusing on the respected Jedi master Sol, played by Lee Jung-jae. 

Sol is tasked with uncovering a dark secret as Jedi are falling by the wayside. In his quest to find the circumstances surrounding these fallen Jedi, Sol is led face-to-face with his old padawan, Mae (Amandla Stenberg). Likened to a noir mystery set in the Star Wars universe, “The Acolyte” could sway the ever-dwindling hope for the franchise. - RE

Premieres June 4 on Disney Plus

‘Hit Man’ (Netflix)

Romantic comedy “Hit Man” is set to bring a humorous twist to the action formula on Netflix with star Glen Powell taking up the role of Garay Johnson, a college professor and part-time New Orleans PD contractor turned mole. Posing as a hitman in a slew of hilarious costumes and accents, Johnson realizes a whole new calling in the face of his prior exploits. 

But things take a slight turn after Johnson meets a woman struggling in the throes of domestic abuse. When Maddy Masters (Adria Arjona) comes to Johnson with a new target, her husband, Johnson's newfound role takes a slight detour. Released in 2023 at the 80th International Film Festival, “Hit Man” is already a high-flying success with a current 93% on Rotten Tomatoes. - RE

Premieres June 7 on Netflix

‘Presumed Innocent’ (Apple TV Plus)

“Presumed Innocent” is a highly anticipated thriller series that follows Rusty (Jake Gyllenhaal), a man who works at a Chicago attorney's office. His life is perfectly normal until everything is turned upside down, and now he’s a suspect in the murder of one of his close colleagues. This miniseries explores themes of obsession, politics, and the power of love, as Rusty might fight to keep his family safe while simultaneously holding his marriage together. Gyllenhaal is known for his other thriller projects like “Nightcrawler” and “The Guilty," so there’s no doubt he’ll thrive in this intense miniseries. - AB

Premieres June 12 on Apple TV Plus

‘The Boys’ season 4

Returning for its fourth season in yet another gruesome display of heroes gone wrong, “The Boys” shapes up for its most diabolical outing yet as Homelander (Anthony Starr) gains power. With his son, Ryan (Cameron Crovetti), now in his corner and a whole new cast of The Seven set to grace the screen, it’s going to be one exciting bloodbath to watch. 

As Homelander consolidates his power, Victoria Neuman (Claudia Doumit) gains traction in her race to reach the Oval Office. The Boys team, on the other hand, is out of its leader, Billy Butcher (Karl Urban), who has mere months left to live. Without their most trusted advisor on hand this go around, the Boys will have to step up their willpower and aim to save the world without dying in the process. - RE

Premieres June 13 on Prime Video

‘Bridgerton’ season 3 part 2 (Netflix)

After a very steamy carriage ride, Penelope Featherington (Nicola Coughlan) and Colin Bridgerton (Luke Newton) are engaged. But when has a Bridgerton’s love story ever been easy or simple? Before they can get their happily ever after, the couple will have to navigate some rough waters. The biggest impediment, of course, is Penelope’s secret identity as scandalmonger Lady Whistledown. Eloise (Claudia Jessie), who knows about it all, will undoubtedly have some feelings about her brother marrying her former best friend. Meanwhile, Francesca (Hannah Dodd) has her own complicated romance brewing. - KW

Premieres June 13 on Netflix

‘House of the Dragon’ season 2 (HBO and Max)

The game of thrones erupts into a full-on war pitting Targaryen versus Targaryen and dragons versus dragons. Fire and blood, indeed. Rhaenyra (Emma D’Arcy) has crowned herself the rightful queen of Westeros, though her brother King Aegon II (Tom Glynn-Carney) sits on the Iron Throne supported by his mother, the dowager Queen Alicent (Olivia Cooke). Enraged over the death of her son Lucerys at the hands of Aemond (Ewan Mitchell), Rhaenyra seeks vengeance. She also needs allies among the lords of the realm, including the powerful Starks in the North. - KW

Premieres June 16 on HBO and Max

‘Orphan Black: Echoes’ (AMC) 

Fans of “Orphan Black” will be pleased to know that the new series “Orphan Black: Echoes” will be coming to streaming very soon. This spinoff takes place in 2052 and follows a group of women who mysteriously find their way into each other’s lives. Now, they must learn more about who they are while navigating a complicated journey of betrayal and love. Lucy (Krysten Ritter) is at the center of this journey, with Dr. Kira Manning (Keeley Hawes) also leading the series as a scientist who explores the development of cloning. “Echoes” has its own identity in the universe, meaning those who didn’t watch the original show will still enjoy it. - AB

Premieres June 23 on AMC (via Sling or Fubo)

‘The Bear’ season 3 (FX on Hulu)

Opening a restaurant takes a lot of work, but it doesn’t compare to keeping it running. Carmy (Jeremy Allen White) has successfully transformed his brother’s sandwich shop into a fine dining concept, with the help of Sydney (Emmy winner Ayo Edebiri), Richie (Ebon Moss-Bachrach) and the rest of the dedicated crew. Now, they have to do battle every single day to prep, cook and serve dishes to diners — under Carmy’s exacting standards. Will the pressure cooker of a kitchen explode? Maybe. But watching “The Bear” is an adrenaline rush unlike any other. When the stress starts to build, all we can say is “Yes, chef!” - KW

Premieres June 27 on Hulu

‘My Lady Jane’ (Prime Video)

An alternative version of English royal history serves as the background for this British romantic comedy, which puts Lady Jane Grey (played by newcomer Emily Bader) on the throne rather than on the chopping block. In actual history, Lady Jane Grey, Henry VII's great-granddaughter, was crowned queen for just nine days before she was beheaded. In this alt-fantasy, she avoids that fate because her cousin King Henry VIII’s son Edward IV doesn't die. Instead, the ill-fated damsel in distress is free to live a life filled with romance and adventure. - KW

Premieres June 27 on Prime Video

‘Fancy Dance’ (Apple TV Plus)

“Fancy Dance” is a new drama movie that follows Jax (Lily Gladstone), a woman who is currently caring for her niece Roki (Isabel Deroy-Olson) after her sister disappeared. She takes every chance she gets to find her missing sister while helping Roki prepare for the traditional powwow. However, Roki’s grandfather threatens to take her away, and so Jax sets out with her niece on a thrilling adventure to find their missing family member. Of course, this wouldn’t be a true drama if it didn’t involve hidden secrets and unexpected turns in what was supposed to be a simple investigation. - AB

Premieres June 28 on Apple TV Plus

‘A Family Affair’ (Netflix)

What’s worse than working for someone who just doesn’t listen to you? Finding out that he’s having a secret affair with your mother. This is the exact scenario that occurs in the upcoming Netflix movie “A Family Affair." Nicole Kidman plays Brooke, a single mother to her hard-working daughter Zara (Joey King). However, Brooke forms a secret relationship with a highly prolific actor named Chris Cole (Zac Efron), who just so happens to be her daughter’s boss. This romantic comedy follows the consequences of this affair along with the challenges of love and identity. - AB

Premieres June 28 on Netflix

More notable new June 2024 arrivals:

  • ‘Mayor of Kingstown’ season 3 (June 2, Paramount Plus)
  • “Sweet Tooth” season 3 (June 6, Netflix)
  • “Perfect Match” season 2 (June 7, Netflix)
  • “Federer: Twelve Finale Days” (June 20, Prime Video)

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