The Google Nest Hub 2 just dropped to $39

Google Nest Hub 2nd gen with deal tag
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Amazon makes some really tempting smart displays, but none of them have beat our favorite: the Google Nest Hub 2. You can get the best smart display at a price that's almost irresistible.

Right now the Google Nest Hub (Gen 2) is $39 at Walmart. This is a huge $60 off its usual price, and one of the best deals we've seen post-Black Friday. This deal includes a Wi-Fi connected LED light bulb from Wiz you can control from the Nest Hub. 

Google Nest Hub (2nd gen): was $99 now $39 @ Walmart

Google Nest Hub (2nd gen): <a href="" data-link-merchant=""" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">was $99 now $39 @ Walmart
The second-gen Google Nest Hub features a 7-inch smart display and built-in speakers. This device also offers sleep tracking and support for some of the best streaming services out there, including Netflix, Disney Plus, Hulu and more. This deal takes a whole $60 off, saving you over half its original price. And you get a free Wi-Fi connected light bulb with this bundle. 

Looking for the perfect addition to your bedside table? The Google Nest Hub (2nd-Gen) is it. This smart display serves as an alarm clock, speaker, and phone calling device. Most smart displays can do this, but the best thing about the Google Nest Hub is that it can also track your sleep.

The Google Nest Hub uses contact-free sensors to track your sleep duration, schedule and quality. It also offers actionable sleep advice, like the ideal evening lighting, thermostat temperatures or ambient sounds for sleep. While the Google Nest Hub's sleep tracking isn't as accurate as that of, say, the Apple Watch 8, it's still very good and is excellent if you don't like wearing a fitness tracker or smartwatch while you're in bed. 

Streaming is great on the Google Nest Hub thanks to its 7-inch touch screen. You'll be able to tune into Netflix, Disney Plus and more, and you'll be able to watch YouTube, too (something Amazon smart displays don't offer.)

There's no camera on the Google Nest Hub, so there's no video calling, but that's a benefit to some who don't want even the slightest risk of being spied on at home. You can also turn the Google Nest Hub's microphone off using a physical switch.

All in all, the Google Nest Hub is our choice for the best smart display on the market, and we definitely recommend picking one up at this price. Want to build an Amazon smart home? The Amazon Echo Dot with Clock just hit lowest price ever — and includes free smart bulb.

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