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Sony Shows Off Concept for Tiny Wearable Camera That Tracks Your Day

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Sony’s LifeLog app is designed to create a virtual timeline of your day, and now the company is taking that idea one step further with its concept design for a wearable camera. At Mobile World Congress 2014, Sony introduced a mockup version of the Core that’s capable of snapping photos.  

The Core is a tiny component that houses the sensors used in Sony’s SmartBand. The two are branded with separate names since the Core can be taken out of its band to be worn in different form factors, such as a pendant in a necklace. When the Core is placed inside the wristband shells that Sony sells, the pair become the Sony SmartBand. Sony’s concept for what could be a future version of its Core comes with a tiny camera situated at the top.

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The idea is that the Core would be able to automatically snap photos that would be added to your LifeLog app, rather than having to take out your phone to capture an image. It’s also worth noting that the LifeLog app is meant to be a completely private digital journal, so no images or location data can be shared automatically or optionally.

Sony has remained tight lipped about the general camera concept, but did say that you may be able to preset this new Core to fire off its camera at certain times. However, the company hasn’t confirmed any information regarding this device other than the fact that it’s considering it as a concept. This camera-equipped Core sounds similar to other wearable cameras such as the Autographer, which randomly takes photos based on your movements and activities by measuring data from its sensors.

Sony isn’t currently letting the Core concept out of its box, but the prototype’s packaging included a lanyard for wearing it as a necklace, a band for wearing it on your wrist, a clip for attaching it to your clothing, and of course—the Core itself.

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The Sony SmartBand and accompanying LifeLog app are set to debut in March. At launch, you’ll get a Core module with two different black bands—one in a small size and another in a larger size—for €99 , or about $136. The company also plans to sell a pack of bands in three different colors for €24.99 after the device is released. Sony hasn’t specified how the price will translate in other markets.

Although details are scarce, it’s clear that Sony has broader plans for its recently announced SmartBand and Core. The company plans to work with partners regarding both its LifeLog app and designers for its line of potential bands and necklaces. This means that in addition to seeing more stylish wristbands, developers will eventually be able to create their own apps for the Core that are separate from LifeLog. We look forward to bringing you our full review of the SmartBand soon.

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    colsub , April 3, 2014 2:41 AM
    Here I found a concept video of new Sony 4K Security camera 2014
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