Sync Music from iTunes to Any Phone

iTunes may be the most popular music manager and online music store, but there are still tons of people out there who don’t have an iPhone or iPod to sync their music too. Not everyone likes to use iTunes to manage their music, but for those who do, Salling Media Sync from Salling Software will let you sync your music to any recent phone.

At this time however, Salling Media Sync is only available for Mac and Windows in free version that is limited. The difference between the paid version and the free version is smart syncing. With the free download, users will have to sync their entire libraries each time there needs to be an update — even if it’s just for one song.

For $22, users will be able to get a version of Salling Media Sync that will sync just songs that are updated.

Both versions will allow you to transfer any song to your phone, except those that are protected by DRM. iTunes Plus songs, those that cost more but don’t have DRM restrictions, are free game. The little app will also transfer over M4A formats without any syncing problems.

At this current time, Salling Software recommends users read their list of supported devices. Many devices from HTC, Sony, Nokia and Sony Ericsson are supported.

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  • resonance451
    $22 seems rather expensive for this type of software given its limited application. It's got to have more functions than it does at that price.

    On a small note, iTunes no longer charges more for their iTunes Plus releases, though I can't understand what's preventing them from making all of their songs 256kbps mp3 with no DRM. I have purchased a ridiculous amount of music from iTunes and now regret not having done it through Amazon.
  • Lord Gornak
    Just installed the software and couldn't get it to work with my smartphone. Their website states: "selected models from HTC, Nokia, Sony, and Sony Ericsson are currently supported."
    So no, you can't sync
    your music to any recent phone.

    The download, install, and troubleshooting process took a full 8 minutes of time, time that would have been much better spent trying to find cool websites that aren't blocked by websense.
  • tuneclone
    I am now using TuneClone to transfer iTunes music to other non-Apple phones.