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Best Shows to Watch on Amazon Prime Instant Video Now

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Let autumn begin, and with it, all the television that viewers' little domes can handle. Speaking of which, Under the Dome is but one of the shows currently available for your perusal this month over at Amazon Prime.

The highly anticipated new season of Doctor Who has begun, and if you missed the debut episode, you can still buy it on Amazon. The service will also make each new episode available weekly. But there is more than just sci-fi content available this month; there's also excellent entertainment for kids, adults and everyone in between. (For new Amazon originals coming later in the year, see The Most-Anticipated Online TV Shows 2014-2015.)

Boardwalk Empire, Season 5 (September 7th)

Boardwalk Empire Season 5: Trailer #1 (HBO)

It's the end of an era. The final Season of Boardwalk Empire begins this month. If HBO's advertising campaigns are anything to go by, viewers shouldn't expect a happy ending. You can play catch up on Season 4 on Amazon now at the HBO premium of $2.99 SD/$3.99 HD. That season was the show's darkest yet, and in my opinion, also its best. Tertiary characters like the masked Richard Harrow (Jack Houston) and Chalky White (Michael Kenneth Williams) take center stage as the subtle sea change in Atlantic City becomes apparent. Season 5 begins on Sept. 7, and episodes will be made available for purchase weekly.

Doctor Who, Season 8 (New episodes weekly)

The official full length TV launch trailer - Doctor Who Series 8 2014 - BBC One

Peter Capaldi makes his debut as the next iteration of The Doctor, opposite veteran companion Clara (Jenna Coleman). The new season begins with the TARDIS crash-landing on the bank of the Thames, in the 19th century, courtesy of a dinosaur. The Doctor is on the case, sussing out a series of spontaneous combustions happening throughout the city while figuring out an even bigger puzzle — who, exactly, he is.

Amazon is charging a whopping $7.99 for the first installment (running 1 hour, 20 minutes). The rest of the episodes will sell at the usual, lower price of $1.99 SD/$2.99 HD.

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The Fosters, Season 2

The Fosters - 2x01 (June 16 at 9/8c) | Clip: Dance Team

This critically acclaimed drama from ABC Family returns for a second season. The show centers on a couple, Stef and Lena Foster, who have a large blended family of biological and adopted children. The show is equal parts adoption advocacy and soap opera. It's been praised for a positive portrayal of the life of an adoptive family and derided for its melodramatic moments. Check out Season 2 and decide for yourself. New episodes are available weekly.

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The Legend of Korra, Season 3

The Legend of Korra: Book 3 Official Trailer - Nickelodeon

Allow me, for a moment, to put my geek hat firmly in place. For all you Avatar-loving fans out there, this latest installment featuring Korra as the new Avatar is where it's at. After the harmonic convergence from last season, Korra realizes that there's a lot of trouble in the world around her. This means she must enlist the help of airbenders, waterbenders and others of their ilk as they try to re-establish air nation. Also, there are air-buffalos. I rest my case. You can stream Seasons 1 and 2 now for free as an Amazon Prime Member. Buy episodes of Season 3 starting at $1.99 (SD).

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Pretty Little Liars, Season 5

Pretty Little Liars Season 5 Trailer

This season is being split. While currently on hiatus, the show is due to return on Oct. 31. Now is the time to use Amazon Prime and take a foray back into Rosewood. Season 5 begins with the girls contending with Alison's return and Ezra's shooting. All will be revealed this season. But, of course, it isn't that clear-cut, and more complications arise. Season 5 has been a definite return to form for the show, though after the death of a major character, it's hard to say what the series will do next to up the ante. Episodes are available to buy starting at $1.99 (for SD).

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Suits, Season 4 (New episodes weekly)

Suits - Sneak Peek - Season 4

The show's rollicking fourth season is underway, and Mike's secret (that he's not a Harvard Law graduate, just a con man with an eidetic memory) has evolved into some interesting television. In Suits' fourth year, Mike returns to the Pearson Hardman law firm — shifting alliances to and testing loyalties. All this, and it still manages to be funny. New episodes air weekly and are free to stream for Amazon Prime members.

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Under the Dome, Season 2 (New episodes weekly)

Under the Dome - Season 2 Preview

The new season of this hit series, based on the book by horror master Stephen King, has started off with a bang. In a series premiere, written by King himself, the Dome becomes even more mysterious as it is revealed to have become magnetized. The temptation to continue comparing this series to the Simpsons movie will end once you've actually watched a few episodes. Enjoy all of them with unlimited stream as a Prime member.

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    Laurel C , June 3, 2014 10:39 PM
    Thanks for the info. I'd sure like to know how to find the "free" prime videos -- everything I look at is not so prime!
  • 1 Hide
    s997863 , June 4, 2014 2:43 AM
    "It stars Anna Academy Award winner Anna Paquin".
    she must really be something to have her own award catagory.
    that aside, who watches this stuff? After 2 decades of tv, you've pretty much seen every story/ theme/ setting/ twist/ design/ and concept, learnt all the language/ words/ slang there is, & feel like absolutely nothing happens in a grinding 40-minute episode.
  • 1 Hide
    Tanquen , June 4, 2014 10:52 AM
    That sounds like suicide logic right there. We’re all going to die anyway, right?
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