Purple's best cooling mattress is $400 off in Memorial Day sales — why I’d buy it

Purple RestorePremiere Hybrid mattress shown on a white bed frame in a neutral coloured bedroom
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If you're shopping the Memorial Day sales for a discount on Purple’s best cooling mattress, you're in luck as this weekend you can save up to $400 on the Purple RestorePremiere Hybrid at Purple, with a queen size reduced to $3,299 (was $3,699). I've seen similar discounts from Purple in past big holiday events but this i the best I've seen in months.

Purple makes some of 2024's best mattresses for all sleepers, but I think the RestorePremier Hybrid is the brand's best option for combatting overheating during sleep. It's also ideal for those with joint pain as it delivers contouring comfort via the brand's signature GelFlex grid tech (Purple's take on memory foam), coupled with with the bounce and responsiveness of innerspring. 

The Purple RestorePremier Hybrid is available in soft or firm options, so it should suit a range of sleepers. You'll a 100-night trial and a 10 year warranty too when shopping in the Memorial Day mattress sales.

Purple RestorePremiere Hybrid Mattress

Purple RestorePremiere Hybrid Mattress

Was: from $3,249
Now: from $2,849
Saving: Up to $400 at Purple

Summary: Purple have always been known for their cooling mattresses but the Purple RestorePremiere is a hybrid mattress that really excels in cooling technology. This mattress offers all the pressure relief, comfort and support that we’re used to seeing with Purple thanks to their unique GelFlex grid but the inclusion of Coolflex coils and a layer of ultra comfort foam encourage even more airflow meaning that even the hottest sleepers will stay cool all night long. This mattress comes in both soft and firm tension and is suitable for all types of sleeper. It’s especially good if you suffer with aches and pains because the GelFlex layer works hard to keep the spine in proper alignment, cradle the entire body and is responsive enough to instantly adapt as you move around. We can’t stop raving about this mattress because couples will also find it a good buy as it does an exceptional job of isolating moving so if you share a bed then you’ll have no more disturbed nights. 

Price history: We usually see discounts of around $200 during standard Purple mattress sales, so this Memorial Day's prices are the best we've seen in several months. You may get deeper discounts if you wait for larger sales events like Black Friday, but that's a long way off if you need a new mattress urgently. A queen size Purple RestorePremiere is on sale for $3,299 (was $3,699), which is expensive but worth the price if joint pain and overheating ruin your sleep.

Benefits: 100-night trial | 10-year warranty | Free shipping

What is a cooling mattress?

Sleeping hot is super uncomfortable and it can lead to nights of restless sleep which ultimately results in you feeling tired and unrested during the day. But the best cooling mattresses can make all the difference. As the name suggests it a mattress that uses cooling techniques to help you feel cooler whilst you’re in bed. 

This may be though a cooling cover which is made from breathable phase-changing materials which draw heat away from the body and release it back once you cool down. Or moisture-wicking fabrics that absorb sweat from your skin so you stay dry and comfortable. 

The other way that mattresses can help keep you cool is by using materials within the layers such as gel or copper infusions that absorb and then dissipate heat. Coils also play a huge part in keeping hot sleepers cool at night, that’s why the majority of cooling mattresses tend to be hybrids because you get the best of both worlds by enjoy the cradling comfort of memory foam whilst the coils increase airflow throughout the mattress which stops to a build up of heat and pushes it away from the body.   

It’s not just cooling mattresses that can keep you comfortable overnight, some of the best mattress toppers also have cooling properties so if you’re happy with your mattress but finding it a little warm it’s an easy and cost effective way to make the upgrade. 

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