Don’t wait for Memorial Day — I found 3 of the best cooling mattresses on sale up to $1,859 off

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We’re now just weeks away from one of the biggest sale events of the year, but don’t worry if you can’t wait for Memorial Day — I’ve found three of the best luxury cooling mattresses to shop today, with savings reaching up to a staggering $1,859 on the Tempur-breeze collection. As part of Tempur's huge close-out sale, you can buy a queen size Tempur-Pedic LUXEBreeze for $3,849.30 (was $5,499) at Tempur-Pedic

The best mattresses will all provide decent temperature regulation, whether it’s through the inclusion of individually wrapped coils for added airflow, gel-infused materials or by harnessing the natural cooling properties of organic materials. However, the best luxury cooling mattresses deliver advanced cooling, as well as luxurious extras, like a sumptuously soft pillow top or advanced lumbar support. 

The Memorial Day mattress sales in May is one of the best times to buy a new bed, thanks to the hefty discounts many of the big brands roll out. However, if you can’t wait until then, I’ve tracked down three of the best luxury cooling mattresses to shop today. Let's take a look. 

Tempur-Pedic LUXEBreeze:$4,999

Tempur-Pedic LUXEBreeze: From $4,999 $3,499 at Tempur-Pedic  
The Tempur-Pedic LUXEBreeze ranks highly in our best cooling mattress guide on account of its specialist cooling technology. Multiple layers of cutting edge cooling technology provide blissful relief for even the hottest of sleepers, which begins with a zip-off SmartClimate (machine washable) cover that feels cool against your skin. There’s also a layer of Tempur PureCool and phase change material to absorb any extra heat and humidity. Choose between a soft or firm to suit your specific sleep style. It’s still expensive, even at 30% off. But for very hot sleepers whose sleep is impacted by overheating, it’s well worth the investment. As a close-out sale, be aware that you won't get a mattress trial and there are no returns. However, the 10 year warranty and free white glove delivery still stands.  

Avocado Green Mattress$1,399

Avocado Green Mattress: From $1,399 $1,189 at Avocado
The best organic mattresses harness that natural cooling properties of organic materials in order to deliver excellent temperature regulation. The Avocado Green mattress, which is topped with a two inch layer of naturally cooling Dunlop latex, is is currently 15% off, bringing the price of a queen down to $1,699 from $1,999. We're relatively used to seeing discounts in the region of 10% from this brand, so this Avocado mattress sale is an excellent price on such a well-made bed (it's needle-tufted by hand in the US). As well as the GOLS-certified organic latex, this bed is infused with GOTS-certified organic wool and cotton, which help keep you toasty in the winter and comfortably cool in the summer. The inclusion of up to 1,459 individually wrapped coils help boost this bed's overall breathability. Benefits include a 365 night sleep trial and 25 year warranty. 

Leesa Legend Chill Hybrid: $2,099

Leesa Legend Chill Hybrid: From $2,099 $1,679 at Leesa
The Leesa Legend Chill Hybrid is a newcomer to Leesa's impressive sleep suit. Like the best hybrid mattresses, the inclusion of an impressive 3,788 pocketed springs improve the overall breathability of this mattress, which means that hot air built up from body heat doesn't become trapped in the bed, causing you to overheat. What's more, the sumptuously squishy pillow top is infused with phase-change fibers, which wick away hick and moisture while you sleep. This 20% off deal takes the price of a queen down to $2,239 from $2,799, which translates to a healthy saving of $560. Mattress purchase comes with a 100 night sleep trial, plus a 10 year warranty. 

Cooling mattress vs cooling mattress topper — which do I need?    

Overheating at night isn't just uncomfortable, it can seriously impair your sleep quality. Thankfully, a decent cooling mattress will help keep your temperatures nicely regulated, helping you to sleep soundly all night long. However, cooling mattresses can be expensive. (For a cooling mattress on a budget, consider the Cocoon by Sealy Chill Hybrid mattress, which retails at $899 for a queen). 

If you're otherwise happy with the quality and comfort level of your existing bed or don't quite have the funds to stretch to a one, a cooling mattress topper could be a suitable solution. The best mattress toppers work to enhance your existing sleep set-up, and the best cooling mattress topper (which we believe to be the Molecule CopperWELL Mattress Topper, which starts at $179.99) can help keep temperatures regulated without breaking the bank.  

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