You can work out for free using your Samsung TV right now — here’s how

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It’s a rare treat when a device you bought several years ago gets some useful free updates. You usually need to upgrade for the latest features, but if you picked up a new Samsung TV since the start of 2020, you can now stream free workouts to build muscle and burn fat at home.

It’s thanks to a new partnership with the audio-focused workout app WithU, offering 26 on-demand classes for you to take at no extra cost through the Samsung Health app. And the good news is the deal applies to any of the best Samsung TVs released since January 2020.

Although WithU has its own library of exercise classes in the app, these routines are exclusive to the Samsung TV-based WithU On-Screen program, with sessions starting at 10 minutes for when you’re short on time but still want to move your body and work your muscles.

According to Kaleigh Scott, one of WithU’s co-founders, the aim is to “bring world-class coaching to everyone and help people globally build a sustainable fitness routine.” To that end, each class has two instructors, demonstrating a beginner and advanced version of the workout.

This means you effectively get access to 52 routines, so it’s ideal if you’re just starting out, as you can use the beginner-friendly moves until you feel strong enough to progress to the advanced routine to continue challenging your muscles in line with the progressive overload technique.

Part of the reason WithU stands out from many of the other best workout apps is that it focuses primarily on audio instruction rather than videos. This makes it ideal if you’re exercising outside or prefer to pop in a set of sports headphones and keep your phone stored away while working out.

You don’t need to take out a WithU membership to use the Samsung-exclusive routines, but if you do download the app, the company also offers a range of free workouts you can do when you’re away from home. And you can access the whole library of over 1,500 sessions for just $9.99 per month.

If you’re invested in Samsung’s ecosystem, you may have come across the Health app before. It’s installed on all Samsung phones and helps you keep track of your steps, sleep, and other fitness stats in a similar way to Apple Health on iPhone.

Although you only need an account to get started, it also plays well with the company’s wearables, like the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6, which blends fitness tracking sensors with a modified version of Google’s Wear OS and access to all your essential Google apps.

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