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Two IM Cameras That Do The Job


Looking for a computer USB camera to use to bring video to your IM chats? While there are numerous models on the market today, we compared two from the leading vendors in the area, Logitech's Orbit MP and Creative Labs' Live Motion. Both do a reasonable job. However, one's video quality is superior, while the other has more usable software.

We tested both cameras on a P4 2.8 GHz PC using 512 MB of RAM running Windows XP Pro.


Creative Live Motion

Notice the illuminated rim.

The Creative sports a sleek design, with an illuminated rim around the logo that lights up even if you aren't using the camera. It's also available in black or white. The stand works best on a flat screen, but it folds under for a stable base if you want to set it next to your PC instead. The USB cable is firmly attached at the back. However, it doesn't have a visual indicator to let you know whether or not the camera is on.