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Save $45 Now on Amazon Echo

Amazon's Echo is the personal assistant you never knew you needed. Much more than a speaker, it can control multiple smart home gadgets, set reminders, answer questions, help you shop and even read you the day's headlines.

Amazon regularly improves its capabilities, and most recently Echo gained the capacity to make Echo-to-Echo calls.

Refurbished Amazon EchoView Deal

Priced at $179.99, the Echo isn't what we'd call an impulse buy. However, Amazon currently has its certified refurbished Echo on sale for just $134.99. That's $45 cheaper than buying a new device and the best Echo price you'll find.

If the thought of buying refurbished makes you uneasy, these Echo speakers have been tested and certified to look and work like new. More importantly, they're backed by the same 1-year warranty included with Amazon's new Echo speaker.

Amazon's stock of refurbished Echo speakers tends to go fast, so we recommend you pick one up now. Alternatively, you can get a refurbished Echo Dot for $37.99, which is $12 off its normal price.