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  • joebob2000
    That would be Westcott not Wescott in case anyone is looking on Google for more info on that lighting kit.
  • Anonymous
    I purchased the McKinley Bag because I loved the bag and M-Rock has a good reputation. I took the bag out within two weeks of buying it and the wheels were not working properly. Because of the way they are attached they bow, causing the wheels to wear against the plastic housing that holds them.

    I returned the bag for a new one, hoping I had a bad seed. Within a few months I had the same issue. My husband warned to not get the second bag as I would have the issue with the bag, he was right.

    The right wheel is worn through so it is cracked open, it does not spin and the left wheel is almost as bad. The bag bows down with resting on the wheels and the bottom of the bag is wearing from being “dragged” because the wheels aren’t holding it up.

    I wrote the the maker of the M-Rock bag, Michael Rockwell. He said nothing is wrong the bag that I wore it out despite my limited use in under a year. He refuses to help me writing, “I will not read your email or continue communication with you.”

    Buyer beware. Great Bad. Bad Wheels and Service.