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Mitsubishi to Sell 100-inch OLED TV This Month

We love the rich colors and awesome contrast that OLED displays can give us. We're already enjoying the wonders of OLED and AMOLED and we dream of seeing the technology at the sizes of the LCD and plasmas of today.

Mitsubishi is planning on selling a 100-inch OLED TV later this month. Yes, that sounds jaw dropping at first, but sadly this isn't the HDTV that we're waiting for. In fact, it's not really HD at all.

This Diamond Vision model at 100-inches has pixels that measure around 3mm in size. Viewers will have to view the displays from at least a couple of meters away to get a decent image. The sets will get even bigger, perhaps to the 155-inch model that Mitsubishi prototyped. This massive size was accomplished by putting together multiple OLED modules, all of which add up to 17.6 pounds in weight and 15.1 inches think.

These Diamond Vision models have a maximum brightness of 1,200cd/m2, which is twice as bright as the company’s current LED-backlit LCD TVs.

The 100-inch model goes on sale later this month. Price has not been announced.

(Source: SlashGear.)