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Movie Theater Video for the Masses

Subjective Tests

This part of the tests is intended to show to what extent the results from test patterns confirm our first impressions.

Each of the excerpts was chosen to show up the qualities and faults of the video projectors we tested. Below are the major criteria for comparison of each movie.

Blade II

Chapter 16 [1h05m25s] to chapter 18 [1h15m38s]

Finding Nemo

Chapter 4 [10m33s] to [11m28s]


Chapter 11 [51m05s] to [56m00s]

Minority Report

Chapter 6 [28m29s] to [30m15s]

The Matrix

Chapter 2 [3m17s] to [5m00s]

Star Wars Episode 1

Chapter 19 [start of chapter] to [1h06m35s]

>Star Wars Episode 2