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This Mercedes-Benz Runs on Plant Power

It doesn't exactly photosynthesize, but the effects are similar. Mercedes-Benz' concept contender at the 2010 LA Auto Show is a car that gathers in light and stores it for later use, just like a plant. While most solar-powered vehicles already do that, the Biome is the first to achieve the process by converting the collected solar energy into a secret chemical called BioNectar4534. We've no news regarding BioNectars 1 through 4533, but we'll assume they're experiments gone wrong.

Aside from the nifty new fuel technology, the Biome's got a few more eco-friendly tricks up its sleeve. The gas tank, as with the rest of the car, will be composed of ultralight materials, called BioFiber, that will be grown, not built. This car won't be rolling out factories, but will be birthed in special Mercedes-Benz nurseries from a proprietary DNA sequence.

Plant cars, Mercedes-Benz? Sure, we'll take it. After all, we'll need something to counter the impending robot apocalypse, and what better ally against machines than nature itself? It's what Merry and Pippin would've done.

[source: LA Auto Show 2010]