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Here's What an iPhone X Plus Could Look Like

Apple's iPhone X hasn't even hit stores yet, and already rumors are swirling that it could be trumped by an even bigger version.

Credit: iDropNews

(Image credit: iDropNews)

According to some recent reports, Apple could be considering an iPhone X Plus for next year, featuring a screen size that could far exceed that of the 5.8-inch display on the iPhone X. While details are scant, the folks over at iDropNews on Wednesday (Oct. 4) decided to mock up what an iPhone X Plus might look like if it's unveiled next year.

The iDropNews renders show what amounts to an iPhone X that's been stretched a little to extend the screen size to 6.4 inches. Naturally, the mockup has a much larger footprint, including a taller chassis and potentially a thicker design than the current iPhone X. The rendering keeps the same core iPhone X design, including the glass back panel and the vertically aligned rear-facing cameras.

At its unveiling event last month, Apple said that the iPhone X represents its vision for the "future" of smartphones. It comes with a screen that nearly covers its face, as well as a glass back panel and stainless steel spine. It's also the first from Apple to ditch the physical home button and utlilize the new Face ID facial scanner.

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Apple seems committed to using the iPhone X design concept going forward, and since the company has offered both standard and larger "Plus" models in the past (and even now), it would only make sense for such a device to come to the iPhone X line.

Until then, however, we have just one iPhone X. And that device, which starts at $999, is slated to go up for pre-order on Oct. 27. The iPhone X will reach store shelves on Nov. 3.