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iPhone 9 May Be Priced Higher Than iPhone 8

We've been expecting the iPhone 9 to cost around the same as the iPhone 8, starting at $699. But a new report says otherwise. 

Credit: Lee Gunho

(Image credit: Lee Gunho)

“We expect the new LCD iPhone to price at a premium to the blended ASP for the iPhone 8/8+," KeyBanc Capital Markets wrote Tuesday (via Barrons).

As the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus carry list prices of $699 and $799 (for the 64GB version), this means you may see an iPhone 9 going for around $750. It also mentioned that the larger OLED phone (known as the "iPhone XS Plus") will price "at a premium to the current iPhone X." This means it may very well cost more than $999.

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“Over the last six years, screen size is the lone feature that we believe has demonstrated a consistent ability to drive both volume and pricing power,” wrote KeyBanc Capital Markets. “This was evident in the iPhone 6 cycle, where a step-up in screen size drove both pricing and volume, and in the iPhone X cycle, where a larger screen in a similar-sized form factor drove strong pricing power.”

Apple noted that it does not expect significant growth in iPhone unit volume in fiscal 2019, meaning a price increase could be expected.

However, this is far from a settled matter, as price forecasts for Apple's three upcoming phones have been scattered. The German website Macerkoff predicted yesterday that the LCD phone would, in fact, cost the equivalent of $699.

Meanwhile, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who is often correct about Apple's plans, has predicted that the LCD model will clock in between $600 to $700. We'll find out the truth at the upcoming Apple event on Sept. 12. 

  • sergetest817tw
    I hope price will be around $700. That will help people updated old versions of the phones actively.