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iPhone 8 to Sport Curved Plastic Display (Report)

Apple has some big plans for the next iPhone's screen, according to a report out of Korea.

Apple will offer a plastic curved screen in the iPhone 8 that's based on OLED technology, the Korea Herald is reporting, citing sources who claim to have knowledge of the company's plans. All of the iPhone 8 models will feature the new display technology, the source shared.

Credit: Venjamin Geskin/YouTube

(Image credit: Venjamin Geskin/YouTube)

Nearly all recent rumors suggest that Apple will deliver a curved screen in the iPhone and will use OLED in its next handset. However, reports have been mixed over whether all of the iPhone 8 models will feature the curved screen. Some rumors, for instance, have said that Apple will only offer the curved screen in its highest-end iPhone 8 Plus.

While Apple hasn't commented on its future plans, a move to OLED technology and a curved screen would represent a major departure for the company. Apple has used LCD technology for its screens since the iPhone's inception in 2007. The company has also offered a standard, flat screen with a bezel.

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Offering a curved screen would help Apple match its chief competitor Samsung, which offers curved displays in its Galaxy S7 Edge. It also offered a curved display in the ill-fated Galaxy Note 7.

According to the Korea Herald report, Apple will be relying upon Samsung Display to deliver most of the curved screen units Apple will need for its iPhone 8. Like the Galaxy S7 Edge, Apple's OLED display will be made from plastic, making it easier to curve the way the company sees fit, the report says.

The Korea Herald sources have also thrown water on reports that Apple might offer a wraparound display in the iPhone 8. While patents and some rumors have surfaced saying the iPhone 8 could come with the unique screen structure, the Korea Herald sources say Apple will stick to a curved design like those found in Galaxy S7 Edge units.

Still, Apple could adopt a new touch-sensing technology that would allow users to press on the device on any side. But whether Apple will actually deliver that functionality is unknown, according to the sources.

Apple, of course, won't comment on what its plans are for the future, and chances are, more display talk will surface in the coming months. But at least right now, the iPhone 8 sounds like a big improvement over the iPhone 7.