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Major iPhone 11 Feature Tipped By iOS 13 Beta

Apple might be planning a big change to the iPhone 11, if a new discovery in iOS 13 beta is any indication.

Credit: Tom's Guide

(Image credit: Tom's Guide)

Apple user Raphael Mouton published an image to Twitter showing a restoration screen asking the user to plug in the iPhone into a Mac. Of course, we've all seen that before. But what's different in the beta image that Mouton published is that the tip of the cable doesn't look like the distinctive Lightning cable. Instead, it appears to be a USB-C.

After Mouton published the image, users started wondering whether Apple is finally making a big change to the iPhone and allowing for USB-C connectivity instead of Lightning. The move would allow the iPhone to take advantage of faster charging and would ultimately translate to more compatibility with accessories that support USB-C, but not necessarily Lightning.

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There have been some rumors that Apple could ultimately go with USB-C in the iPhone and would at least consider it this year. If so, it's possible that the iPhone 11 could finally catch up to some of its competitors that support USB-C and have faster charging than the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max.

Then again, it's possible there's nothing to see here. The image shows a USB-C cable, but it's being inserted into a Mac. Apple sells Macs with USB-C ports. It's far more likely, given Apple's history, that the cable is simply an adapter that connects the Lightning on an iPhone to the USB-C on a Mac.

But that might not be the worst thing. Even if Apple is sticking with the Lightning port, the company could decide to bundle a Lightning-to-USB-C cable with the iPhone and create a similar experience that takes advantage of USB-C without actually having a USB-C port in the iPhone.

Whatever the case, it appears likely that Apple will be making an upgrade in charging seed when it launches its next handsets later this year. See our in-depth iPhone 11 rumors page to keep on all of the latest news.

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