Apple's iOS 8 Nixes Camera Roll for No Good Reason

Apple's iOS Camera Roll didn't seem like it needed fixing, but the company decided to change it up anyway. To the chagrin of iOS 8 adopters, the new operating system loses the Camera Roll photo album and scatters your photos amongst Collections.

In earlier versions of iOS, the Camera Roll was a convenient catch-all location for all pictures and screenshots taken on your iPhone. After you upgrade to iOS 8, you'll find a new album called "Recently Added," which performs the same function. The problem, though, is that the pictures in there will only be those you've taken after upgrading to iOS 8; images from before that are scattered into your various Collections.

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If you want all the pictures from your old Camera Roll in one place, you'll have to create a new album yourself, go into all the different collections on your phone and copy them into the new album. In addition, some third-party apps that used to access the Camera Roll, such as WhatsApp, are now unable to find your pictures.

People are understandably upset about this change, and many disgruntled users have taken to Apple's discussion forums to complain about the switch-up. Many have tried to send feedback via the Cupertino company's website, but can't because of multiple reported problems with the feedback form. Some people can't find the iOS 8 option in the dropdown menu for subject, or find that the Submit button is missing.

This is just one of the many problems Apple's brought with the public release of its latest operating system. In addition to disabling cellular service on many phones and breaking Touch ID with the now-recalled iOS 8.0.1 update, the software also causes camera distortions and keyboard glitches. Apple today (Sept. 26) issued a second patch, named iOS 8.0.2, to address some of these issues while avoiding the last update's cellular problems.

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