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Eureka! iOS 12 Simplifies Closing iPhone X Apps

We asked, and Apple delivered. In iOS 12, due out this fall, it's a whole lot easier to close apps on the iPhone X.

Credit: Shaun Lucas/Tom's Guide

(Image credit: Shaun Lucas/Tom's Guide)

How bad was the problem in iOS 11? More than 1.1 million people read our tutorial on how to close apps on the iPhone X. That's a very big, and bad number. It's so frustrating that Tom's Guide Editor in Chief Mark Spoonauer named closing apps "the one thing Apple should fix in iOS 12."

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Want proof? YouTube video maker Dom Esposito tweeted a screen recording of how easy it is to close iOS apps on an iPhone:

iOS 11 required users swipe up from the bottom, and then long press on the app they want to close. Only then, would users be able to force-quit apps, by either swiping up or tapping a small minus icon at the top left corner of the app.

iOS 12 fixes this by removing that frustrating long-press, so you only need to swipe up to see the multi-app view and then slide apps to the top of the screen to close them. You know, just like how it works on the notch-less iPhones with home buttons (removing said button pushed Apple to shake up how iOS is used).

There aren't many proven benefits of closing apps -- it's best used as a way to force-quit frozen or crashed apps -- but closing apps that you don't use as often does allow you to keep your favorite apps closer to the front of the stack.