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iON's Camera Records What You're Not Home to See

LAS VEGAS - Like many other companies presenting at CES, iON Cameras dives into the smart home category with its home monitoring system called iON for Home. The $129 flip up, WiFi-connected camera can be placed anywhere in your home, and you control it using the iON for Home app for Android and iOS.

Once you put iON’s home monitoring camera in your living room, it’ll take 120 degrees of continuous 720-pixel video and through the app you’ll see a live stream of what’s going on in your home from anywhere and use the two-way talk feature. The app also lets you set alerts so you can receive notifications when the camera senses things like a door opening or a baby crying.

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I got to take a look at iON for Home, and I appreciated the hinge design of the camera. You can flip the camera up and tilt it to any angle you want, making it easier to hide in tricky places of your home, and it can fold completely flat into its base. It’s one of the most portable home security cameras I’ve seen, so you could potentially take this with you to a relative’s home when you’re staying for a few days or on an extended vacation.

Intriguingly, iON for Home offers free cloud storage of their surveillance videos on a rolling basis. That means you can access the past 24 hours worth of footage from your home, save clips as events and download them. If one day of video isn’t enough for you, iON offers two subscription packages: $10 per month for 7 days of video and $30 per month for 30 days of video.

Having a couple of subscription options to choose from is handy with home security cameras. If you plan on using the device to monitor your home daily while you’re at work, the free service will likely be the best for you. If you travel a lot and need to monitor your home for long stretches of time, you’ll want to go with a subscription package that gives you access to more video.

Stay tuned for a full review; we’re interested to see how much you can actually do with a rolling 24 hours of footage, and if we desire more on a day-to-day basis. iON at Home’s security camera is now available for $129, and its companion app is free.

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