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Report: Camera-equipped iPods Delayed

Apple is hosting an iPod event San Francisco tomorrow and the company is expected to launch both an iPod Nano and iPod Touch with an integrated camera. However, today, sources say that "technical difficulties" have delayed the camera-equipped iPods, and it remains unclear as to whether or not we'll see the updated devices at tomorrow's event or if they'll be ready for distribution before September is out.

AppleInsider quotes a source "with a strong track record in predicting Apple's upcoming product launches" as saying Apple has had technical problems (specifically, bad parts) with the cameras modules. Said source went on to say it remains to be seen if the redesigned iPods will be available for retail sale before September is out.

Other rumors about tomorrow's event say Apple will focus more on the iPod Touch as "the" iPod, moving away from the iPod Classic. The company is also expected to show off iTunes 9