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GoPro Karma Ready for Takeoff After Last Year's Recall

The GoPro Karma drone will once again take flight. After recalling the drone late last year, GoPro has put its $800 quadcopter back on sale through its own website and at select retailers.

Credit: GoPro

(Image credit: GoPro)

The Karma was GoPro's first drone, making its debut last fall. However, shortly after its launch, GoPro recalled the drone, citing a problem with the Karma's battery. Specifically, in some cases, the GoPro Karma would lose power when in use. GoPro issued full refunds for all the drones sold up until that point.

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GoPro now says it's fixed the problem with a new version of the Karma that features a redesigned battery latch. "A small change that led to a huge improvement," GoPro says about the fix in its blog post announcing the Karma's return.

"In November 2016 we had to make the difficult, but necessary, decision to voluntarily withdraw Karma from the market," the blog post reads. "Safety is our biggest priority, so this decision came after we learned that a small number of Karma units were experiencing power loss mid-flight. We knew we had to move quickly. Really, it was an easy decision but difficult news to share. So the new battery latch allows you return to your regularly programmed drones without worry."

Order the $800 drone from GoPro now, and the product will ship out on Feb. 28, the company says. GoPro expects to have more Karma drone units available in the coming weeks.

GoPro has been trying to find ways to improve its business after the action cam business started to soften over the last couple of years. GoPro landed upon the possibility of getting into the drone business with Karma, reasoning that those who operate other drones were using high-quality cameras to record their travels. The Karma launched around the same time last year as the DJI Mavic Pro, another drone specializing in aerial photography.