Save $50 on Google Home and Nest Thermostat Bundle

By now you might be familiar with Google Home and its built-in virtual assistant. However, to really appreciate this do-it-all speaker, we recommend pairing it with other smart devices. And there's no better way to do that than with Dell's current Google Home deal.

For a limited time, the retailer is offering a Google Home speaker and Nest thermostat for $328. That's $50 cheaper than buying the two devices separately.

Google Home Nest Bundle
Google Home Nest Bundle

The Nest thermostat is one of our favorite smart thermostats on the market. It can talk with hundreds of other smart home devices, including Google Home, so you can automatically change the temperature using voice commands. We also like its retro-style circular design, which looks at home anywhere.

Meanwhile, Google Home is a worthy rival to Amazon's Echo. It can tap into all of your Google applications, such as calendar, email, search history, and more. We also found that Google Assistant was quicker to respond than Alexa on most questions, and Assistant was able to handle a few questions that Alexa couldn't.

This Google Home with Nest bundle deal won't last long, so if you're looking to digitize your home and get some virtual help in the process, you won't find a better offer than this one.

Louis Ramirez

As deals editor at Tom’s Guide, Louis is constantly looking for ways to avoid paying full price for the latest gadgets. With over 10 years of deals-hunting experience, Louis price checks against multiple retailers and searches high and low for the best deals to bring readers. A born-and-bred New Yorker, Louis is also an avid swimmer and marathoner. His work has appeared on Gizmodo, CNET, and Time Out New York.

  • jacksmith21006
    What I find so interesting is the endless comparisons of the Google Home and the Echo on the Web. I purchased our Echo pretty much day 1 and now had it over 2 years. We now have several Google Homes.

    The Echo is a computer device that has a voice recognition interface. So it has commands that you memorize and then issue with your voice.

    For music it has a command if do not know artist or song name of "song goes like". So switch account you have a command to switch. To secure things there is a passcode that you use. All typical computer things.

    The Google Home (GH) is the most human like technology I have used. It also has the voice recognition but then it has another step where it tries to actually understand what you want. So in some cases better than a human and then in others not as good as a human.

    So the GH does NOT have commands but you talk to it like you would to a human. Working in my daughters room on a DIY project and she is talking about Sheeran performance at the Grammys. When she just says "hey google play sheeran grammy" and Ed Sheeran playing at the 2017 Grammys starts playing.

    But no command to memorize and when daughter received and plugged in was able to use instantly without any book or a single thing to memorize.

    The GH, like a human, just knows one voice from another. So the GH in the kitchen and I ask for a song it uses my YouTube Red account but if my kid does it they get their Spotify account. Nothing manual to do and just like a human just knows one voice from another. This is an example better than humans.

    I have two kids whose voice I mix me up if I do not see them and the GH knows the difference without any problem.