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The Best Amazon Prime Day Deal is on Walmart

With all the hype surrounding Amazon’s annual Prime Day sale right now, it’s easy to forget that other retailers are getting in on the thrift-hunting fun, too.

Credit: Tom's Guide

(Image credit: Tom's Guide)

One store has a deal that stood out for me, and that’s Walmart, where there’s a sale on the Google Home Mini for $34, down from its normal $50 (and with free two-day shipping). The deal was so sweet, I immediately decided to buy two Home minis.

Google Home SaleView Deal

I’m a big fan of the Google Home smart speaker service. But if you search through Amazon’s list of Prime Day deals, you’ll find tons of price cuts on the company’s own Alexa-equipped speakers, and very few markdowns for devices that work with Google Assistant.

That’s because Amazon’s storied rivalry with Google has led to a blockade on some smart home gadgets by Google.

Enter Walmart, smartly prepared to capitalize on Amazon’s lack of support for Google’s speaker system.

I loved the Google Home so much when I got it last summer that I offered to buy my girlfriend one, too. (Much to my mom’s chagrin, we don’t yet live together.)  Instead, she wanted an Amazon Echo. The integration into Amazon’s online shopping network was just too tasty a perk for her to pass up. When we bought the Alexa speaker though, it was too buggy and complicated to set up. So, back to the Amazon warehouse shelf it went.

Credit: Tom's Guide

(Image credit: Tom's Guide)

Now, we’re both Google Home speaker owners, and we use our speakers daily, and every night, too. In the morning, we use them to listen to podcasts while we get dressed, get the news on NPR for the day, and at night, we listen to Spotify while we work in our separate apartments or cook or clean, and we both can’t sleep without the included white-noise sounds.

There’s always been just one problem: the Home speakers don’t really broadcast that well across the whole apartment. She needs another speaker for her bathroom, to listen to news and podcasts in the shower, and I need another in my kitchen for when I’m making lunch for work or cleaning the kitchen.

Well, well, well. Look what was on sale this week.