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The Modern Goldeneye Game You've Always Wanted is Here (and Free)

It's a good week for folks who like lovingly-crafted fan remakes of classic games. If Pokemon Uranium isn't your thing, you might want to check out Goldeneye Source: a free recreation of the beloved N64 shooter that features online play and modern-looking graphics.

If you've always wanted a true HD remaster of the original James Bond-themed shooter, Goldeneye: Source is the closest thing you're probably going to get. In fact, it might be better. Built on Valve's Source engine, this fan game looks, smooth, sharp and modern -- don't expect Doom-quality graphics, but look forward to something that runs as briskly as the latest Counter-Strike.

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There's a ton of content in Goldeneye: Source, which packs 25 maps, 10 game modes and all 28 weapons from the original game (and don't worry, slapping your opponent to death is still a viable strategy). What you won't get is a single-player campaign -- the game's official website notes that the team doesn't have the resources to build a proper story mode, but you can play matches against bots if you'd rather not get gunned down by real-life opponents.

The original Goldeneye 007 launched in 1997, and dozens of officially-licensed games have tried (and mostly failed) to replicate its success. The closest thing to a true successor is 2010's Goldeneye 007: Reloaded, which offered a remixed take on the Goldeneye story and aimed to bring multiplayer back to the series' basic roots. 

Goldeneye Source seems like a great way to scratch your classic multiplayer shooter itch, especially since it's completely free. I'm personally looking forward to taking a nostalgic romp through classic maps like Aztec and Dam -- and slapping my enemies silly in the process.