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Fast and Easy Laptop Diagnostics


The "Configuration" submenu lets you check detailed information about the configurations of the notebook's system board, peripherals, IRQ/DMA, CMOS, I/O ports, IDE, S.M.A.R.T. and SCSI. Some of the scans and a portion of the benchmark functions are only possible in conjunction with "QuickTech Pro" software - not included - and only after loading an operating system.

We've marked the relevant menu items red in the overview.

Overview of the "Configuration" menu

Dhrystone and Whetstone values can be measured with an easy-to-use CPU benchmark, enabling a basic check of CPU performance.

It's also possible to run a simple CPU benchmark to check the operating speed.

You can even monitor parameters from the notebook's motherboard that are usually concealed from the user in normal use

The hardware monitor option allows easy checks of the operating voltage and CPU temps.

Thus, minimum, maximum and average temperature values can be displayed over the course of an extended test