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This Cute 3D Camera Lets You Share Memories in VR

The Eyse could be the cutest gadget of 2016. A mix between E.T. and Wall-E, the Kickstarter project ($399 Eyse Basic, $599 Pro, $799 Max) leverages two HD cameras to capture 3D footage, which friends and family can watch using a virtual reality headset.

Those large, unnaturally expressive eyes? They're a pair of 5-megapixel cameras, allowing the device to capture footage from two different perspectives. If 5-MP isn't enough, you can upgrade to 13-MP for even sharper images. 

Eyse footage is compatible with virtual reality headsets like the Samsung Gear VR and Google Cardboard. Just place your phone into your headset of choice, and you'll be ready to watch previously recorded content or a live 3D feed.

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But what's a camera without filters? If you're feeling particularly creative, Eyse has several films and lens filters that can be placed over the eyes for different moods and effects. The films are available in several different colors, and you can draw on some of them to create a custom effect. When the Eyse is filming it can share its location using embedded GPS.

When the captured footage is combined, it produces a three-dimensional experience available for viewing on mobile devices via Wi-Fi streaming. In addition to the cameras, Eyse features bi-directional audio capable of relaying motion data to the viewer. Combined with the cameras' 110 degrees of motion, remote viewers are treated to an immersive 3D video experience right on their smartphones.

In addition, Eyse can be used as an action cam, perfect for a high-intensity run or going airborne attached to a drone. Keep in mind that while each model of the companion has a rugged body, only the Max can withstand being submerged in water (between 1-3 meters).

While pricey, Eyse looks like a multifunctional product that could find a place in many homes, thanks to its endearingly adorable looks.