Roundup: 3 New Beginner DSLRs


We found that each camera excelled at one or another of our test criteria. Where the Nikon D5000 was more comfortable in our hands, it generated images that we would have to spend more time correcting. The Olympus E-620 got our attention just from its image quality. It may not have fared as well as the other cameras in all aspects, but it does such an admirable job in this one area as to be worthy of your consideration. The Canon was the steady steed throughout our tests. We have a few concerns, but nothing that would compel us to rethink the Canon T1i as a purchase. Other factors do come into play:  Do you already have lenses that will fit any one of these cameras? Do you have previous experience with other cameras from one vendor or another? Will you be sharing the camera with someone who has one of these brands? To make a final decision, we recommend that you visit your local camera shop and get each of these cameras in your hand.