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DIY Project: Portable Photo Booth

Marty Enerson recently showed off his portable photobooth DIY project on a Picasa Web Album, helpfully showing the various stages of construction. Technical details such as how to get everything to work are a bit sparse, but based on Enerson’s pics and Hack-a-Day’s feature, here are the components used:


15” Elo USB touchscreen
Canon PIXMA iP3000 photo printer
Canon Powershot SD100 digital camera
An old Lenovo laptop (set to not sleep when closed)


Pelican 1620 Case
Grill steak tongs (to support laptops inside case)

Totally apt trivia related to the project: the 1620 case, with its dividers removed for this project, is designed to hold SLR camera bodies, lenses and accessories. The portable photobooth can print out pictures as 2x6 or 4x6 strips, and requires to be plugged into an AC socket for the laptop, touchscreen, camera, and printer to work. According to Enerson, all items were bought on eBay.