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Dell's Axim X30 PDA Combines Old Look, New Features

Operating Concept

The X30 has a total of seven buttons and two navigation aids. The power switch on the top of the device shines green as soon as the 950 mAh battery is fully charged. When charging, an orange-colored LED blinks in the switch. If you use the alarm function of the device, the LED in the switch blinks green.

Six freely programmable function keys (marked red)

Below the screen, there are four buttons with which the most frequently used PIM standard applications can be launched, such as calendar, contacts, email inbox and others. To the left of the four buttons is a small button to switch the voice recorder on and off (Dictaphone). On the opposite side is the button that is used to activate and deactivate the wireless functions. In principle, it is a good idea to allow wireless functions to be easily switched on and off since they aren't always needed and are power hungry.

Wireless functions are activated with this mini button

Stupidly, however, this switch can only be used to turn both modules on or off. If you only need one of the two functions, WLAN or PAN, then the other module must be awkwardly deactivated using software.

Two LEDs on the top of the device show which wireless module is active at the moment.

The green LED lights up if WLAN is activated and the blue LED indicates Bluetooth.

In addition to the default assignment, the user can also use a software tool to link the buttons to other programs. If, for example, you frequently use your PDA to play MP3 files, you can link button four to the Windows media player. That way, you can access this application quickly.