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Dell's Axim X30 PDA Combines Old Look, New Features

Battery Runtime: More Energy-saving Or Not?

In order to test whether the new PXA270 CPU in the Axim X30 really is more thrifty with power than the predecessor PXA263 in the Axim X3i, we ran the battery benchmark with different CPU settings and initially with the backlight deactivated. The power consumption would ultimately distort the measurement results because no two systems ever have identical power consumption.

In the first measurement, the CPU speed in both devices was set to the maximum possible value. In another measurement, wireless SpeedStep was enabled.

The results of the first measurement - increasing the battery runtime by approximately five percent for the maximum CPU speed, or alternatively disabling SpeedStep - confirmed very nicely the values for the power consumption of the two CPUs as given in the datasheets. For a PXA263 at 400 MHz, this amounted to 411 mW. The new PXA270 was satisfied with 390 mW.

According to our measurements, the new power saving function of the PXA270 CPU also helped extend the battery runtime by an additional 6%.

Altogether, the X30 proved to have a battery runtime that was approximately 10% longer than the predecessor model.