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Reader Survey Results: Back To School Gear for College

Survey Says...

Thanks to you, readers, the Tom’s Guide team has a much clearer picture of what tech products students need and want during the school year. You filled out our 24-question survey and told us what you think about the practicality and entertainment value of different laptops, tablets, phones, accessories, peripherals and everything in between.

We crunched the numbers (no, we’re not statisticians, but we can do basic math), and now we can share the results with you. Some of them definitely surprised us. Read on to find out what current college students think about back to school gear. We’ve recruited a real-life college student—University of Michigan Junior Sarah Loeb--to translate some of these statistics into real-life purchasing options for college students and their families.

Did your dorm-room or commuter student experience give you insight into the best tech tricks and tools? Know about a product that you think would be a great choice for a University setting? Speak up in the comments section below.