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Bose Unveils FreeStyle Earbud and SoundTrue Headphones

Just in time for spring, Bose has announced three new headphones: the FreeStyle earbuds, SoundTrue on-ear headphones and SoundTrue around-ear headphones. Bose is hoping to get an ear-up on the competition by combining the company's renowned audio quality with vivid, eye-catching hues.

The company has also set a rather aggressive price these headphones--at least for Bose--offering the FreeStyles for $129 and both sets of SoundTrues for $179.

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Each of the headphones will feature the company's proprietary TriPort acoustic headphone structure. Bose claims this will create full, deep lows with clear highs and smooth vocal and instrumental reproduction.

Each of the new products will have an in-line remote with a built-in microphone that works seamlessly with iOS products. The earbuds also ship with three sizes of the company's StayHear tips that conform to the listener's ear for a comfortable, natural fit. The SoundTrue headphones have reinforced headbands and foam earcups for a comfortable fit.

Fashion-conscious music lovers can pick up the FreeStyles in Indigo or Ice Blue, while the SoundTrues are available in Black, White and Mint. The around-ear headphones also have a two-tone Purple/Mint option while the over-ear model is available in Black/Mint. 

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  • someguynamedmatt
    Don't waste money on these. Do yourself a favor and go buy a pair of Audio Technica ATH-M50s - they're easily the best headphones to be had for under $200. Any member of the HeadFi forums will tell you that, and that Bose products are pieces of $50 plastic with a $200 nametag strapped on.
  • d_kuhn
    I go through 3 sets of buds a year... since they're primarily an 'activity' oriented headphone, they get yanked out when exercising, dropped and stepped on, ran through the wash in my shorts, sweated into salty non-operation, and generally destroyed at such a fast rate that I buy a couple pairs at a time. I'd have to be COMPLETELY MENTAL to spend over a hundred bucks on a pair. I'm not a big fan of on-ear headphones (worst of both worlds, bulky but with weak sound) but Bose on-ear headphones are decent enough but nothing I'd buy. They're on par with Audio Technica's that cost a third less, and inferior to Sennheisers in the same price range.
  • d_kuhn
    Addendum: But on the plus side for Bose... they better than Beats headphones for value... Beats gets the big price for textbook marketing genius.
  • Amdlova
    GET AKG shure sennheiser phones if you love listen music