Best Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus Deals


Images of Samsung's upcoming flagship phone are now in the wild, another indication that prices of previous Galaxy S series phones will continue to fall. The Galaxy S8 may not be the first phone you think of when shopping for a new smartphone, but it's still a solid purchase.

And as we count down the days to the Galaxy S10's reveal at Unpacked 2019, the Editor's Choice Galaxy S8 is now at its lowest price ever.  

Currently, Samsung is selling the unlocked Galaxy S8 for $499.99 ($100 off) and the unlocked Galaxy S8+ for $589.99 ($100 off). Trade in your old phone, and Samsung will cut from $50 to $300 off the cost of your new Galaxy handset.

Alternatively, if you purchase the phone from Samsung with a contract from a major carrier like AT&T, you'll pay as little as $455 for your S8. You can also get the Galaxy S8 Active for $849.99 (or less with trade-in), but keep in mind that the S8 Active is pricier than both the current S9 and S9+, which cost $719.99 and $839.99, respectively. 

Outside of Samsung, various carriers are also offering S8 and S8+ deals. To help you navigate the buying process, we've compiled the best carrier and retailer deals below. 

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The online giant has the Unlocked Galaxy S8 for $439, whereas the S8+ is selling for $459. Both are cheaper than Samsung's direct price, so Amazon's your best bet for an unlocked Galaxy phone. 


The Un-carrier Network is not currently offering the S8 or the S8+, however the S8 Active is available for $850. Financing is available for $30/month for 24 months with a $130 down payment. 

Best Buy

Best Buy has the unlocked Galaxy S8 for $449.99 and the unlocked Galaxy S8+ for $539.99. The retailer also has carrier-specific models of both phones with Verizon (S8 for $18/month; S8+ for $19.50/month), AT&T (S8 Active for $21.66/month; S8+ for $11.83/month), and Sprint (S8 from $14/month; S8+ for $17/month. The Galaxy S8 is not currently available. 


If you want more screen real estate, the 6.2-inch Galaxy S8+ may be the preferred choice. With rumors of its sibling, the Note 10 running wild, naturally existing Galaxy phones are getting price cuts.

Currently, Samsung is selling the unlocked Galaxy S8 for $499.99 ($100 off) and the unlocked Galaxy S8+ for $589.99 ($100 off). Trade in your old phone, and Samsung will cut from $50 to $300 off the cost of your new Galaxy handset.

Samsung also offers the Galaxy S8 Active for $849.99 (or less with trade-in), however, it costs more than both the latest S9 and S9+, prices at $719.99 and $839.99, respectively.


Big Red isn't offering any deals on Samsung's previous-gen phones. In fact, Verizon's actually charging more. The S8 will set you back $24.84/month over 24 months, which amounts to $696. That's $97 more than the cost of buying an unlocked S8 from Samsung. Meanwhile, the carrier no longer has stock of the S8+.


Unfortunately, Verizon isn't the only carrier charging over list price for the older Galaxy S8 phones. AT&T has the S8 for $21.84/month over 30 months. You can also purchase it outright for $654.99. Meanwhile, the Galaxy S8+ sells for $25.17/month under the same 30-month AT&T Next plan, or buy it outright for $754.99.


Sprint offers the Galaxy S8 for $28/month with the option to upgrade after 18 monthly payments. Alternatively, you can purchase it outright for $672, which is $72 higher than Samsung's unlocked price. Meanwhile, the S8+ is selling for $31/month for 18 months or $744.

Boost Mobile

The Galaxy S8 is available on prepaid carriers too, and Boost Mobile, which is a Sprint-owned carrier has the device for $599.99 upfront. From now until Jan. 28, you can save 20 percent off the Galaxy S8 via code, "EXTRA20". Boost doesn't offer installment plans, though, so you'll have to pay that money outright in full.

Straight Talk

Straight Talk is one of the few prepaid carriers to have both the Galaxy S8 and S8+ in stock, offering them for $599 and $689, respectively. Straight Talk also lets you pay off your phone in monthly installments, though the $30.12 and $34.24 it charges each month for the S8 and S8+ add up to much more than what you'd pay buying the phone outright. One other warning about Straight Talk: it didn't fare very well in our recent rankings of the best and worst wireless carriers.

MetroPCS by T-Mobile 

You'll pay $679 for a Galaxy S8 through MetroPCS by T-Mobile. However, MetroPCS did fare the best of any discount carrier in our recent round of network speed testing.