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New Stuff Added To Best Buys for Back to School

It's Back To School Time Already?

There are two stories in our back to school special. This one is about mobile computing accessories. The other story is about buying a notebook computer for less than $700.

We did a hands-on survey of the field and found eleven excellent add-ons for your mobile computer, be it a notebook, PDA or digital music device. These products are ideal for students whether on campus or at home.

You'll find a variety of mobile computing accessories including flat USB flash drives, tech enabled tee shirts, tiny folding keyboards, backpacks and carrying cases, security locks, expansion docks, privacy filters, notebook coolers and a piece of software to manage your classes and your life.

Over the next two or so weeks, we'll be adding to our list of best buys for back to school. So be sure to return for more. We promise you not just more stuff, but some of the coolest stuff around. Think a surprising accessory for your motorcycle, an input device to die for and a neat accessory for your key ring.

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