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Asus' Z9000 Notebook Offers Road Warrior Pretenses


Largely known for its motherboards, Asus now seeks to grow its OEM presence with the introduction of its Asus Z9000 notebook, which Asus says offers road-warriors long battery life and decent graphics performance. Asus has hopes that the notebook's integrated ATi IGP 9100 graphics chipset will add a kick to go along with the processing punch of the Pentium-M (Banias) 1.7MHz. A 15" 1024 x 768 screen offers just enough space for business users. Of course, the usual notebook features are included such as Ethernet/Modem ports, PC Card slot and a DVD/CDRW drive. Some other nice features are the four USB and two FireWire ports.

But does the integrated graphics solution offer enough power for modern games? Will the battery last long enough to please the road-warrior? THG answers these questions by completely dissecting and benchmarking the Z9000.