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Apple Airpods Finally Available For Sale

Editors' Note: This story has been updated to reflect the new shipping date for AirPods and the availability for the BeatsX earbuds.

Just in time for the tail end of the holiday season, Apple's made its delayed AirPods, the wireless Bluetooth earphones that look like jewelry, available for sale today (Dec. 13).

When AirPods first went on sale, Apple's online store said the $159 headphones would deliver by Wednesday, Dec. 21st with a free shipping offer from Apple. In the short time since we published this story, the estimated arrival date for AirPods bought on went from 8 days (Dec. 21) to 4 weeks. Congrats to those who bought early.

Those looking to try before they buy should mark out some space on their calendars for the following week, as Apple notes the AirPods will land in "arriving at Apple Stores, Apple Authorized Resellers and select carriers next week."

AirPods stand out from the average pair of Bluetooth wireless earbuds, thanks to an easy pairing process where they're recognized by any nearby Apple device signed into the same iCloud account. The other major feature is company's low-power W1 chip, which the company claims enables the delivery of "deliver high-quality audio and industry-leading battery life in a completely wireless design."

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AirPods, which were announced at the September iPhone 7 launch event, missed the late October release date that Apple had provided. When the headphones were first delayed, the company didn't explain the issue, but Apple noted that it needed "a little more time before AirPods are ready for our customers," implying that glitches were holding the accessory back.

Apple's press release doesn't give any reason for the delayed arrival. However, The Wall Street Journal reported that the issue might have been syncing audio between phones and the AirPods, as the two buds receive audio simultaneously.

Apple claims the AirPods should offer 5 hours of battery life, but we'll put that claim to the test in our forthcoming review.

If you're hoping that AirPods getting released means Apple's also-delayed BeatsX headphones, a pair of around-the-neck resting earbuds, are also ready, we've got some bad news. You'll still have to wait on that pair, as their online Apple store page still features a grayed-out Add to Bag button that won't do anything. On the bottom of the page, Apple says those earbuds will be available in February 2017, so let the waiting game commence.