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Teardown Confirms New AirPods Are Still Unfixable

Your main concern when you buy a set of Apple’s AirPods likely centers around losing the wireless earbuds. But a new teardown by iFixit of the just released AirPods 2 shows that breaking the virtually unrepairable buds also means they’re as good as gone.

Credit: Tom's Guide

(Image credit: Tom's Guide)

Like their outsides, the latest AirPods are mostly the same from the originals on the inside, save for the swapping in of Apple’s new H1 wireless chip. According to iFixit says, that  means that everything from the batteries, microphones, antennas, speaker drivers and circuit boards are, again, all packed in a tight and intricate manner that makes any hopes of accessing them for repair without ruining the entire device nearly impossible.

Also back are the small (93 mAh) and seal-in batteries in each AirPod. And even though iFixit makes it sound like an impossible task, Apple says it can “replace” these for $49 apiece when the batteries stop holding a charge.

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It’s so tough to explore the insides of the AirPods that iFixit actually used X-rays images to show how their internals are put together.

The most exciting new part of the new AirPods — the wireless case they come in — packs the same 398 mAh battery from the version before it, adding some water-resistant coating to its internal electronics, a beefier hinge to its flip-top and couple of grams of weight thanks to its tiny, new Qi-compatible hardware.

iFixit gave the new AirPods a final repairability score of 0/10, the same as the first AirPods.

Of course, to rubs things in a bit further, the DIY repair site closed its AirPods rant by pointed to the 6/10 repairability score it gave to Samsung’s new Galaxy Buds, which pack batteries that are potentially replaceable. Samsung has to beat Apple at something every once in a while, right?