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A Solid Multimedia Notebook From HP

MobileMark 2005 Battery Benchmarks

The MobileMark 2005 benchmarks test how a mobile computer does when running on battery. There are four battery life tests: office productivity, research and reading, DVD playback and wireless Web browsing. The DVD playback test is run only when the computer has a built-in DVD drive or includes a dedicated external DVD drive that is powered by the computer's battery.

Each test uses real world applications and runs from the time the computer's battery reaches full charge and the power plug is pulled until the battery is totally discharged. Test results are reported in hours and minutes. In addition, MobileMark 2005 calculates two performance values while doing the office productivity test: an overall performance score and the average response time for completion of all the tasks in the office productivity test. The overall performance score is based on average response time and is scaled against the performance of a modestly powered reference system, which received a score of 100.

MobileMark 2005 tests are run with the CPU in battery saving mode. This means that the CPU speed changes according to computing demands and, in some cases, battery charge. Though it tends to increase battery life while reducing performance, this is the preferred way to run a laptop on battery and, because this is the default setting on almost all mobile computers, it is the way most people run their laptops on internal power.

Typically, a portable computer's display uses more battery power than any other component. For the MobileMark 2005 tests, screen brightness is set using a luminance meter to between 60 and 70 nits or candelas per square meter. This level is high enough to make a computer's display easily readable and low enough to effectively conserve battery power. A standard brightness level also assures that MobileMark 2005 test results are comparable from computer to computer.

All MobileMark 2005 tests are performed using the battery that comes with the computer when you buy it. If the manufacturer also provides a higher capacity battery, we run the Office Productivity test with that battery installed. Even if the manufacturer includes a high capacity optional battery, charts include only results for tests using the standard battery. Results for high capacity batteries are presented in the conclusions section, which follows the charts. On rare occasions the manufacturer provides only a non-standard high capacity battery, we run the tests with the high capacity battery and talk in the Conclusions section about how the test computer might have done with its standard capacity battery.

The following charts present the MobileMark 2005 tests for the HP Pavilion DV4000 and Toshiba Qosmio G25 notebook and averaged test scores for the four laptops with 1.2 GHz CPUs and 513 MB memory. The Sony VAIO VGN-T350P is the only of the four laptops with a built-in DVD drive. So, it is the only 1.2 GHz/512 MB computer that was included in the DVD battery life benchmark test.