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This is the World's Smallest Digital TV Tuner

Sharp Corporation is touting its new VA1N2WF2121 as the industry's smallest terrestrial digital and analog TV tuner unit measuring just 30-mm x 29.6-mm x 5-mm and an overall volume of 4.4-cc. The new unit will be used in upcoming LCD TVs and digital video recorders, allowing for even more compact products.

"This unit features a new silicon tuner IC that fully integrates the components that make up the tuner circuitry in a monolithic semiconductor device," the company said. "In addition, a built-in digital signal processor and low-noise amplifier improves reception performance and contributes to an improved viewing experience in areas with poor signal quality."

The device's frequency spectrum consist of VHF, UHF, and CATV full band-compatibility (45 to 862 MHz). Power consumption is 0.93-watts for digital signals and 0.99-watts for analog. Sharp has also eliminated the need for different TV tuners for different regions around the world, as the VA1N2WF2121 is compatible with all digital and analog terrestrial broadcasts, thus leading to greater efficiencies in overall design and production.

Sharp plans to go into mass production on August 30, 2010 with an anticipated monthly turnout of 500,000 units. The sample price--including tax--will cost 20,000 yen (around $223.89 USD).

  • squiggs77
    $223.89 for a TV component? That seems high to me. What do tuner components usually cost for a TV?
  • webbwbb
    Think of this as being very similar to a digital convertor box.. Maybe there was an acidental extra 0 on the yen value...
  • Regulas
    squiggs77$223.89 for a TV component? That seems high to me. What do tuner components usually cost for a TV?Agreed but you are paying for the size.
  • FrozenGpu
    regulasAgreed but you are paying for the size.Aren't we always?
  • sliem
    Still looks thick. It needs to be paper thin.
  • hellwig
    This can't be reasonably priced. I own TV's with digital/analog capabilities that cost less than this device. However, I assume this isn't geared at your $180 Walmart/Best Buy special. It's most likely geared at those pencil-thin TVs you see at trade shows, but wouldn't think of spending the $10k to own.
  • gogogojason
    Maybe the 'sample price' the the cost for a sample, not the price when it's in full production :)
  • ksampanna
    Useless, unless you plan on carrying your TV in your pocket as well ...
  • mr_unconcerned
    It's a globally universal tuner. It covers analog, digital, and CATV. It covers a wide spectrum band and frequencies. And it's small.

    As a ham operator, I have no problem believing the price.
  • "compatible with all digital and analog terrestrial broadcasts"

    For the price, I would expect it to be able to chat with ET.