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LG ''Star'' Phone Has Dual-Core Tegra 2

LG plans on launching a smartphone packed with Nvidia's dual-core Tegra 2 and an 8MP camera by early next year. It will reportedly be the first dual-core Android handset to be released in the smartphone sector.

Currently codenamed as "Star," the LG device will use a (nearly) untouched version of the Google OS, however it's currently unknown which build will be used. It will also reportedly feature 1080p video recording, an additional front-facing camera, a microSD expansion slot, microUSB connectivity and more.

Based on new images, the LG phone will measure slightly shorter than two sticks of lip balm and look somewhat identical to Apple's iPhone from the front. On the back, both LG and Google have seared their brands into the device however it's a wonder why Google doesn't stick with the iconic Android as an identifiable platform symbol (like Apple using an apple).

Unfortunately, no other details pertaining to the LG Star were provided. We expect to hear more about this phone before the year's end.