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Origin PC Launches Back to School Promo for Free SSDs

Origin PC is gung-ho about going back to school… so gung-ho that it hurts us a wee bit to have to break it to them that no one is going back to school in the middle of July.

Still, that doesn't mean that you can't take advantage of these deals. Origin is giving away free SSDs in exchange for purchasing one of their PCs.

Buying any of the following PCs makes you eligible for a free 128 GB SSD:

  • EON11-S
  • EON11-S Pro

If you're looking for something bigger than 128 GB in a SSD, you can shell out a little extra for a beefier PC and Origin will throw in a complimentary 256 GB SSD. The eligible computers for the bigger SSD are the following:

  • EON15-S
  • EON15-S Pro
  • EON17-S
  • EON17-S Pro
  • GENESIS Pro-X2
  • BIG O

Whether or not you're actually going back to school, you can take advantage of these deals to score yourself a new SSD, and a new laptop, to boot.