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Intel & Ericsson's Laptop Anti-Theft Tech

Should a laptop go missing, Ericsson’s mobile hardware will be able to accept an SMS that would signal Intel’s Anti-Theft function inside the processor platform to locking the computer. Another SMS would be able to unlock the computer after it’s found and recovered.

"We have entered a new era for security for the on-the-go businessperson in which losing a notebook or having it stolen can have disastrous implications," said George Thangadurai, director of Intel’s Strategy and Platform Planning Group.

Last month, Lenovo detailed a system that works in very similar manner. Owners of upcoming new ThinkPads will also be able to disable and enable with an SMS.

What’s different about Ericsson’s technology is that its HSPA Mobile Broadband Module contains built-in Global Positioning System (GPS) technology, which means that any lost or stolen laptop can be located in an instant. Perhaps even more interesting is that the GPS may also be used to keep the laptop inside a pre-defined area – say within company property – and signal a theft if the laptop should leave the so called “geo-fence.”

Ericsson said that its Mobile Broadband Modules are already optimized for Intel Centrino 2 processor technology to “achieve excellent battery life” and will be available in commercial data protection products starting second half of 2009.