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35 Feet Long Camera Takes Massive Photos

If you thought the graduation portrait hanging in the living room of your grandparents' house was big, how about one that's taller than your home? Famous photographer Dennis Manarchy has created a ridiculously large 35-foot long camera for his "Vanishing Cultures" project, which involves taking photos of various cultures across the United States.

Manarchy, voted twice the world's best photographer, will be capturing photos of epic proportions. Seeing as how the camera barely fits into a truck, it's no surprise that the resulting negatives must be inspected using special windows constructed with LED lights. These negatives measure 6 x 4.5 feet in size and will turn into final prints that measure two stories high.

If you're wondering why Manarchy decided to use such a large camera, it isn't because he's a giant or anything, it's because he wants to create an example of how photography works on a large scale. He wants people to see photography as a journey from when light is first exposed to when finalized prints are developed. For more information on the project head on over to the Vanishing Cultures page here.