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Netflix Binges on iPhones and iPads Just Got a Lot Easier

The latest update for Netflix on iOS devices has added new buttons to the in-video menu.

While watching a show or film, you can now tap the screen once to bring up the overlay menu, and then skip forwards or backwards 10 seconds. They can be also activated by double tapping the left and right sides of the screen, should you want to jump ahead multiple times quickly.

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Quality of life has also been improved, as the play/pause button has been shifted to the centre of the screen and expanded for ease of use. At the bottom of the overlay, there are now buttons giving access to a list of other episodes if you’re watching a TV programme, and another for subtitles and audio, if you want to change the audio language or turn the various caption options on and off. Finally, there’s one which skips directly to the next episode, handy if you don’t want to hang around for the credits.

The previous version of the player had these options too, but they were kept in the top right and bottom left corners, were far smaller, and had no explanatory labels. The exception was the skip function, which only offered a 30-second rewind.

The new ones will be much easier to use thanks to increased prominence and clear descriptions of what they do, and their size won’t be an issue, since they fade out when you’re watching normally. The skip buttons have become a lot more versatile now too, so rewinding to catch a clue you might have missed or fast forwarding to show a friend a great punchline will be much easier.

Android users haven’t been left out. In fact, they’ve likely had them longer, since these exact features have been enabled on Netflix’s app on their platform since a May 2018 update.